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Who is Vera Clementine?


This is a page I find awkward to fill in. But let's start with my name. My name is Vera and I'm a photographer. My last name isn't Clementine for the ones wondering. But it's my baptismal name my momma gave me. She hated it back in the days, I think it's beautiful.


I love to photograph people the way they are, but I also like to make everything look just a little extra, just because we can. 

I put a lot of effort in my pictures. It always starts with a good preparation. You can't bake cookies if you don't have flour. I always try to have some good vibes going on on the set or location. You are the pretties when you feel confident and comfortable, so that's something I think is very important when we're shooting together. And I will always try to get the best out of the pictures by editing them precisely.

Would you like to work together? You can always send me a message and you will receive an enthusiastic reply. Any questions? Feel free to ask them! 

Much love,


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Thank you for your interest in my page and photography. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy your day.

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